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Cessna Citation C-525B is a spacious and comfortable aircraft. It will satisfy discerning clients who long for independence and wish to fly safe in any weather. The aircraft is stylish and aerodynamic. It is quiet when flying so you can rest, work or deal with business matters without being disturbed. The modern technologies that are incorporated in the aircraft equipment guarantee safe travelling at a high standard.

Comfort and uniqueness

Unique. That is the single most fitting word to describe Cessna Citation C-525B that can transport up to 7 passengers. The inside welcomes you with a standard of comfort and on longer flights you will appreciate enough leg room. The luxury and comfortable seats will help you relax or work. The interior of the plane is made of carefully selected materials and has modern design. When flying, you feel comfortable, safe and special.

Price of 1 flight hour: 2,100 - 2,600 EUR*
The aircraft is available for: Passenger transportation Cargo Air ambulance
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Cessna C-525B
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Cessna C-525B

all you can manage On board

  • Relax and rest without being disturbed.
  • Enjoy selected delicious refreshments.
  • Deal with office backlog.
  • Discuss your business.
  • Satellite phone is available to you.
  • You can also use the Internet.

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The fleet of the company Aeropartner is based on the international Airport Prague Ruzyně (PRG).
Should you wish to board outside of our home airport, we are happy to land an aircraft in the place of your choice.

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