On time, safely, and comfortably

We do not ask why. We just ask where and when. Our professional pilots will take you to the destination on time and comfortably.

Private air transportation is designed for you and in accordance with your wishes. No waiting for check-in. No lengthy queues. With private aircraft, we depart from VIP terminals at the time you choose. The best pilots will take care of your safe flight. Professional flight attendants will take care of you on board. The comfortable flights are enhanced by carefully selected catering and first-class service.

Aircraft designed for private transportation

The comfortable and modern Cessna Citation 3 × C‑C-560XL, 2 × C‑525B and 4 × C‑510 Mustang jet aircraft. These machines are designed for transporting 1 to 9 passengers. Enjoy the tranquil, cosy atmosphere, and great service during your flight.

Our fleet
Osobní letecká doprava

Comfortable and low-noise helicopters do where aeroplanes don’t

Get where you need to quickly, safely and comfortably with a helicopter. From Prague Ruzyně Airport to heliports and helipads in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries with the possibility of direct transfers from (to) one of Aeropartner fleet jets, which provide connecting flights from/to distant destinations.

At any time and To any place

Just tell us the time and place. We will take care of the rest. Enjoy your flight. Get ready for your business negotiations. Relax.

Safely and Confidentially

Safety is our priority. Our planes are flown by the most experienced pilots. Nobody will ever find out of when and where you are flying to.

Promptly and comfortably

We depart from the VIP terminal. Without the need to wait or bother with the exhausting check-in process. You arrive, you board, and we take off.

We will manage everything for your comfort


Flight Attendants

On request, we provide flight attendants who will take care of your comfort.


Do you love lobster? In this case, there’s no need for you to be served steak. You always decided the kind of catering you’d like.


We will take you to your flight exactly on time. We will transport you to the airport from any place.

Ready to fly? Make a booking...

Call us at +420 601 333 894 or write to sales@aeropartner.cz

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