Travel in full comfort for up to 4 people

A new generation of the Eurocopter EC120 B helicopter is the ideal means of transportation. With unique visibility, spacious cabin, large luggage and cargo space, this model is not only versatile but also convenient for passengers. Thanks to high-speed flight, it allows you to get faster to your desired destination.

Price of 1 flight hour: 1,100 - 1,300 EUR*
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EC120 B helicopter
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A fast, safe and comfortable Helicopter Shuttle wherever you need. From Prague Int’l Airport to random heliports and heli spots in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries with direct transit from/to an Aeropartner’s private jet taking charge of your connection to/from farer destinations.

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Space and comfort

EC120B is a five seat Helicopter powered by one Arrius turboshaft engine with spacious cabin for a pilot and four passengers with cruising speed of 230 km/h and range of 710 km. Furthermore its large and easily accessible cargo hold enables transportation of considerable quantity of luggage including skis and golf equipment.

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Vrtulník EC120B

Main benefits of EC120 B helicopter

  • Comfortably transports up to 4 people
  • Effective range of up to 710 km
  • Travels not only to airports but also heliports and helipads
  • Offers possibility of direct transfers to jet flights

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The fleet of the company Aeropartner is based on the international Airport Prague Ruzyně (PRG).
Should you wish to board outside of our home airport, we are happy to land an aircraft in the place of your choice.

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