..and use a private jet for your journey. Be airborne in just three hours from your call- all alone in the passenger cabin! Although flying restrictions between some countries or airports are applied generally our VIP and corporate air transportation business remains the safest way to travel while following current hygienic recommendations and directives (the passenger cabin is being de-infected after every flight).

Company's dispatch departments work non-stop and we get our aircraft airborne in three hours from a call. Apart from standard passenger flights we operate air ambulance, repatriations and evacuations and urgent transport of donor organs i.e. we have to be at your service night and day! FOR CURRENT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM AT +420 226231250

Nevretheless flight crews including air medical staff may fly with no limitations also to/from banned areas and quarantine regulations do not apply to them. Therefore an aircraft can be positioned wherever needed subject to limitations valid in the country of destination. 

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